Global Progress Update – December 2016 (for period ended September 2016)

In Kenya, over 26,000 people have been treated for trichiasis – the final, most painful, and ultimately blinding stage of the disease – and over 2.8 million people have been administered antibiotics (3.8 million antibiotics distributed) to prevent the spread of infection.  In Malawi over 3,300 people have been treated for trichiasis and almost 11.3 million antibiotics (7.4 million people treated) have been provided to those in need. Additionally, the Initiative has helped over 24,100 people in Uganda, 2,068 in Mozambique and 2,039 Nigeria.


The Initiative is also training local health staff to build skills and strengthen national health services.  An incredible 171 surgeons and 14,000 case finders have been trained. The case finders travel from house to house to find people who are suffering from trachoma and ensure that they receive treatment from surgeons visiting their area.


We’re incredibly proud of all that has been achieved so far but there is still a long way to go to reach elimination.  We are confident that we will reach our targets and help thousands more people avoid losing their sight to this debilitating and painful disease.


The global figures to September 2016 are shown in the infographic below.


People operated on to correct their in-turned eyelashes


Surgeons trained and certified to perform sight-saving operations


Case Finders trained and mobilised to locate people in need of treatment

15.5 million

Antibiotic treatments distributed to people living in high-risk areas across Africa and the Pacific


Children taught about the importance of face washing through a behaviour change campaign in Kenya


Teachers and parents taught about the importance of facial cleanliness

Our Partners

The initiative is being delivered by the International Coalition for Trachoma Control, in association with the partners below.