Making transport easier

9 October 2015


For many people affected by Trachoma who need surgery, access to required health services is not only an obstacle from a financial perspective but also from a physical perspective. 

One of the characteristics of the Uganda Trachoma Elimination Programme funded by the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust (the Trust) is that it takes services closer to the people.

In Karamoja for instance, the health facilities are too far for many of the patients who are often elderly.  For these elderly women and men, the only other easily available means of transport (motorbike) is difficult to use. That is why the vehicles provided by the Trust programme are a very important component of the Trachoma elimination programme in Uganda.  They not only make it possible for the project teams to take the services closer to the people but also to bring the people to where the services are.


a Community Health Worker helps out a TT patient at a Health Center in Namutumba district, Busoga region, Uganda.