Outreach Vehicles Bring Eye Care Professionals Door to Door

1 October 2015


When the nearest health centre is two days walk away, it’s not surprising that most of the inhabitants of Nasal village rarely seek medical attention.

But in an area of Kenya where almost the entire population is at risk of trachoma, this means that large numbers of people are unaware that the painful, blinding condition from which so many of them suffer is both preventable and treatable.

“There is so much trachoma that people think that it is inherited,” says Michael Limangole, the ophthalmic clinical officer for West Pokot County.

Thanks to Trust funding, this is changing. Outreach vehicles are now deployed full-time to travel to remote villages and diagnose eye conditions in people’s homes, bringing vital services directly to where they are most needed. Once people have received a diagnosis and been informed of available treatment, a plan can be made for them to receive surgery if necessary.