Belito Inacio Bento: I would like to go back to school and fulfill my life.

Name: Belito
Age: 18
Location: Cabo Delegado, Mozambique


For as long as he can remember, 18-year-old Belito Inacio Bento has suffered from eye problems.

As a small child he had regular eye infections, which intensified until he was unable to see the blackboard and was forced to leave school.

“I left many things that I really wanted to do, like going to school, helping my parents in the crop field, reading books, writing and helping my younger brother with his homework. I want to be a teacher in the future, but I’m doubtful that I can achieve this dream.”

Belito’s family tried every approach they could think of to alleviate his suffering; from traditional healers near their home in Mozambique’s Cabo Delegado province, to paying a magician to remove what they thought must be the result of a curse. Even the eye drops provided by their nearest provincial eye care services had no effect.

However, when his father heard that ophthalmic surgeons would be attending Montepuez rural hospital, three hours by bicycle from the family home, he grabbed one more chance to try and help his son.

“I waited a long time for this opportunity, and today I am happy to know that I had an operation. I hope to see well and achieve my goal of being a teacher.”

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