Doris: Training local surgeons

Name: Doris
Location: Dodoma, Tanzania
Occupation: Eye Nurse


An eye nurse from Kongwa district hospital in Dodoma, central Tanzania, Doris has recently undergone training in trachoma trichiasis surgery funded by the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust.

The second trainee from her region this year, Doris will now be able to offer her patients the reassurance that the treatment available to them locally, is internationally certified and fully professional.

“Am I going to see well again? Is it true that the pain will go away?” asked one patient immediately post surgery. “Yes, in a few days to come the pain will be gone and your vision will improve and might come back to normal”, Doris was able to reply.

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The initiative is being delivered by the International Coalition for Trachoma Control, in association with the partners below.

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