Frederick: Head of the household

Name: Frederick
Location: Mozambique
Occupation: Farmer


As a farmer and father of eight, Frederick had always taken responsibility for his family. So when he developed trachoma, which increasingly limited his vision and caused him pain, his primary concern was that he shouldn’t be a burden to the people he loved.

“I spent less time on my farm and there was a considerable decline in my productivity. My children have helped provide me with food, clothing, soap and other basic needs.”

Although Frederick frequently sought help from his local hospital, where they removed his inverted eyelashes, it was several years before he discovered that surgery could provide a more permanent solution. Although he was eager to pursue the chance of a cure, Frederick was understandably nervous.

“My wife and children encouraged me a lot, but I was afraid of being operated on because I had never heard someone being operated on for this kind of eye infection.”

Frederick lives 68 km from the rural hospital in Montepuez, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, and had to walk for three hours before an ambulance could help him to complete the journey. Following the surgery, he has a far greater understanding of how to prevent re-infection, and is keen to promote good hygiene within his family. He is also delighted to return to being a provider.

“My family will be very happy with the treatment and restoration of my eye, since I am the head of the family. I will return to all my daily activities, participate in the community and increase my productivity.”

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