Kassian: Ophthalmic officer

Name: Kassian
Age: 49
Location: Tanzania
Occupation: Ophthalmic Officer


As a nurse and ophthalmic assistant with 20 years’ experience, Kassian can reflect on the many lives he has helped to improve.

But nothing has given him greater satisfaction than the surgery he learnt to perform a year ago helping him to operate more effectively on patients with trachoma trichiasis.

Kassian attended a training course developed by the ‘Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children’ in collaboration with the Trust’s Trachoma Initiative. He was trained with the new, up-to-date equipment and was taught to carry out surgical procedures so that there was no risk of damage to the patient’s cornea.

“We had one-to-one demonstrations between the facilitators and the participants,” he explains. “Our teachers were very friendly and supportive when instructing us to handle instruments and perform surgeries.”

Kassian now works at Ruangwa District Hospital in Lindi, Tanzania. Over the past year his efficiency and confidence in performing the operation has significantly increased and he is delighted that his successful track record ensures that patients feel safe in his hands.

“I take between 10 and 17 minutes to operate on one eye, when before it took me about 30 minutes. Since I started the procedures I have never experienced any serious complication. As a result patients have confidence in me, and the procedure.”

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