Lomarwata: Leaning on the next generation

Name: Lomarwata
Location: Barbello health care unit, Koloa, East Pokot


For Lomarwata, the worst effect of trachoma was not the pain, or his inability to work and earn an income for his family, although these were bad enough. It was the fact that his grandson, Loponghon, was forced to leave school in order to care for him.

“I was ashamed and felt like I was nothing, a burden to my family and community,” he says. “My wife was the one feeding the family, collecting water, fetching firewood and looking for food – she was responsible for everything. I could not contribute to the family economy. I was held back for five years in misery.”

When Lomarwata heard about a free eye health camp on the radio, he was immediately determined to attend, despite the fact that it was a nine hour walk away. Accompanied by his grandson, he made the journey and received a diagnosis and treatment.

“I thank God the surgery was a success and the pain I was feeling is no more. The effects of trachoma were reversed and now Loponghon is able to go back to school.”

Mr. Talam, Cataract/TT surgeon examines Lomarwata after a period of discomfort and inability to see. He is diagnosed to have Trachoma Trichiasis and if he is not operated on he might go blind in 1 or 2 years to come.

Mr. Talam who is based at Baringo County (Kabarnet) Performing Trachoma Trichiasis Surgery on Lomarwata, assisted by Langat (Driver)

Lomarwata after a successful surgery

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