Saharu: A Family affair

Name: Saharu
Age: 12
Location: Kalalu village, Kalalu Parish, Buyanga s/county in Iganga District, Uganda


At 12 years old, Saharu has suffered from trachoma trichiasis for over half his life.

When, aged five, his eyes became red, itchy and teary, his parents believed that he had inherited the condition from his grandmother, who had suffered a recurrence of trachoma following treatment. Unaware that the symptoms were caused by a preventable and treatable infection, they therefore applied herbs and hoped for the best.

Saharu developed a stabbing pain in his eyes as his lashes grew inwards. Unable to concentrate in school he dropped out, but was also unable to be of much help with domestic chores. When his mother, Mariam, heard on the radio that Sightsavers was providing an eye camp at Lubira Health Centre, she took him to be assessed and he was offered surgery.

“I was very happy as my child did not fear surgery at his age,” says Mariam. “After the operation we were given medicine and educated on how to prevent the disease.”


Saharu carrying out home activity after one week of surgery

The OCO student removing the bandage after day 1

Zabina being welcomed home after surgery by the elder son, sister and family memebers

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