Name: Annet
Location: Buyende district, Uganda
Occupation: Village Health Worker


Annet supports the Trust’s Trachoma Initiative by teaching members of the surrounding rural communities where she lives about how to prevent the spread of trachoma.

“I have been a Village Health Team (VHT) worker for ten years now. As a VHT I must go to the surrounding villages and teach communities about health education. I travel on my bicycle four or five kilometres every day and knock on peoples’ doors to teach them different health issues. I teach people about eye and face washing, and that people should use soap instead of ash, to have a tip-tap (water tap) near to the latrines, and that they should use rubbish bins and dig holes for latrines.

The village voted me to become a VHT. Everyone is very welcoming. They like to hear my advice. I am very happy to be a VHT. I have made lots of friends and it is nice to be part of the community and to help keep everyone healthy.”

Our Partners - uganda

The initiative is being delivered by the International Coalition for Trachoma Control, in association with the partners below.